Reducing antibiotic use, one sinus at a time

The Problem

Every year, over 30 million patients in the US visit their GP for a suspected case of Sinusitis.

80% of these patients will be prescribed antibiotics

Less than 10% have bacterial sinusitis (and therefore less than 10% actually require antibiotics) 

Unnecessary antibiotic use can cause individual side effects and contributes to the rising tide of antibiotic-resistant infections. 

About Diagnose

Diagnose provides a simple, quick, non-invasive test that can be conducted in your GP office. The test provides a simple yes/no guidance on whether sinusitis is bacterial or viral - and therefore whether antibiotics should be prescribed.

About Us

Eldin Rostom


Eldin Rostom is a mechanical engineering graduate from Curtin University (Australia). He is passionate about driving global innovation in healthcare with a particular focus on Australia, the APAC region and his native country, Mauritius. He previously worked as a mechanical and design engineer in various fields before transitioning into health care innovation. His past experience in medical device projects include Orthopaedics, Reconstructive Plastics Surgery and Paediatrics ENT prior to co-founding Diag-Nose medical. 

Dr David Yen


David Yen has been in practice as an otolaryngologist in Bethlehem, PA since 2000. He currently works with industry in multiple capacities: as a consultant, speaker, and investigator for clinical trials. In these roles he has assisted at national sales meetings, met with FDA, provided device and study design feedback, guidance, and input, hosted discussions with physician colleagues, and shared perspective with investors and analysts. Companies he has worked with include Acclarent, IntersectENT, Tusker Medical, Arrinex, OmniGuide, SurgeonCheck, Regeneron, OptiNose and Stryker. 

Dr Brian Wang


Dr. Brian Wang, MD is an otolaryngology (ear, nose & throat) specialist in Houston, TX and has been practicing for 12 years. He graduated from Wake Forest University School Of Medicine, Medical Center Boulevard in 2002 and specializes in ear, nose, and throat.

"The thoughtless use of antibiotics make us responsible for antibiotic resistance and the consequences"

Sir Alexander Fleming

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