Pioneering nasal proteomics and immunoassays



Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest growing threats to global health today. It currently results in 700 000 annual deaths; a figure predicted to increase to 10 million deaths per year in 2050.

Currently, upper respiratory infections are mostly diagnosed by physical examination where overlapping symptoms result in 1 out of 3 prescriptions being unnecessary.

Among those, Sinusitis accounts for a total of 77 million primary care visits across the United States, Europe and Australia.


Diag-Nose Medical is working on an affordable, rapid and non-invasive self-test to determine the right treatment pathway for patients with acute sinusitis and to promote antibiotic stewardship for clinicians.


Our flagship product, the “SINU-ID” is a point of care test that combines non-invasive nasal sampling, immunoassays and biomarker algorithms to differentiate between viral, bacterial and allergy mediated sinusitis.


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